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Reflexology works by interrupting stress patterns in the body, through stimulating pressure sensors on the hands and feet that induce a specific relaxation response in the corresponding body part.This in turn is said to reduce stress in the nervous system, promoting beneficial effects on the whole body.The goal is to lower your stress sufficiently to allow your body to begin to repair itself.

IF you talk about reflexology, most people associate it with pressure points on the feet.

These pressure points are based on zone therapy, which links different parts of the feet to different parts of the body

However, for those who can't bear to have someone else touch their feet, help is at hand, because a similar zone therapy can also be applied to the hands, which claims to have similar results.

"Some may consider hand reflexology to be a new practice but, in fact, both hand and foot reflexology have been used as part of medical care since as far back as Egyptian times."

"Recently, however, its popularity has grown with the increase in hand-use intensive activities such as key boarding, Blackberrys, texting, and video games, because hand reflexology provides a respite in the hand's busy day and relief from the new stresses technology has placed on our hands."


"Sophisticated measuring devices used by researchers in Singapore have shown in one study that reflexology impacts heart health. "

"Another study also showed that reflexology work produces the same effects in the brain as those produced by an individual who is meditating."

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